MBM~ALAM FLORA W.L.L  is a joint venture waste management corporation between Hicom Holdings Bhd (Malaysia), Modern Building Maintenance (Dubai) and A. A. bin Hindi (Bahrain)

The company commenced its services in Bahrain on February 1, 2003. MBM~ALAM FLORA  has been awarded a seven-year contract to manage waste in three Bahrain Municipalities - North, Middle and South. MBM~ALAM FLORA 's corporate philosophy is to provide unsurpassed service to the people of Bahrain as it is eloquently summed up by Ahmad bin Hindi, our Director, "The environment is the greatest boon to humankind from Mother Nature. Preserving it is the only way of expressing our gratitude for this wonderful gift, thus ensuring a clean and green world for generations to come."
This is our raison d'etre.

>> Bahrain Generates over 1,000 tons of Waste Every Day.
>> Recycling 1 Aluminium Can saves enough energy to power a TV set for three hours
>> Recycling 1 Glass Bottle Saves 100W enough energy to power a bulb for 4 Hours.




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